At Salon Privé Group we understand that luxury is not something tangible but a feeling, a way of life. It is the result of excellence, expertise and painstaking work coming together to create something exceptional. This understanding is shared by each member of our various teams, all across the world.


 Salon Privé Group is synonymous with global luxury. Our holistic approach to business has resulted in the group establishing a vast variety of diverse offerings across various industries. As such, the group’s interest ranges from publishing, retail, marketing, public relations, commodity trading, manufacturing and consulting to global investments. Whilst we continually strive to innovate and grow in each sector respectively, our responsibility towards the environment stays pivotal and is championed through our Wildlife Conservancy Foundation. 

Salon Privé Wildlife Conservancy Foundation

The Salon Privé Wildlife Conservancy Foundation spearheads a transformative conservation initiative in Limpopo, South Africa, focused on large-scale rewilding. With a profound dedication to safeguarding the region’s biodiversity, the foundation’s flagship project encompasses expansive rewilding efforts, aiming to restore and preserve the natural habitats of diverse wildlife species. Through strategic partnerships, community engagement, and rigorous conservation practices, Salon Privé Wildlife Conservancy Foundation exemplifies a resolute commitment to the protection and flourishing of South Africa’s remarkable ecosystems.

A Holistic Approach To Conservation

What sets us apart from most other foundations and programmes is our trademark holistic approach. We do not believe in just rehabilitating or reintroducing a specific species back into their natural habitat. We believe in reestablishing the entire ecosystem. From the mighty elephant to the microscopic grass seed, our mission is to restore the environment in its entirety.


Salon Privé Magazine

Founded in 2008, Salon Privé Magazine is a luxury lifestyle magazine where you will find the latest news on fashion, arts & culture, behind the scenes look at the world’s most exclusive events and parties, the Royals and all things luxury.

Salon Privé Español

Salon Privé Español es una revista sobre estilo de vida y lujo, adonde podrás encontrar las últimas novedades sobre arte, moda y cultura. Y a donde podrás ver, desde dentro, cómo son los eventos más exclusivos y conocer de primera mano el trabajo de sus protagonistas. El lujo auténtico y ético.

Luxury Homes

From historic castles to private islands, Luxury Homes is the pre-eminent destination to find the most exclusive and unique luxury real estate for sale, for rent as well as holiday rentals from across the globe.